Rucoy Online – MMORPG – MMO – RPG 1.21.4

Rucoy Online – MMORPG – MMO – RPG 1.21.4 APK for Android – Download – AndroidAPKFree Rucoy Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where you can fight monsters with your friends in it’s real time open world.

√ Player vs Player (PvP)
√ Guild System
√ Play as a Knight, Archer or Mage
√ You can change your character class anytime
√ Use spells to deal more damage
√ Ally with other players and form a team to defeat strong monsters and get extra experience
√ Hunt dozens of different monsters
√ Find the best equipment
√ Increase your level and skills without limits
√ Ever growing open world
√ Chat with other players
√ Customize your character
√ No account registration, just link your character to your Google account and that’s it

How to play:
– To move touch where you want to go
– To attack simply select a target
– Use the buttons on the left side to restore health, mana or use a special ability
– Use the buttons on the right to change weapons
– To pick up loot from the ground just touch the hand icon
– Each level increases your health points, mana points, moving speed, attack and defense

PvP system:
– Attacking and/or killing innocent players will mark you as cursed
– Attacking and/or killing cursed players won’t mark you as cursed
– There is a gold reward for killing cursed players
– Standing on a PvP zone will reduce the duration of your curse

Patch 1.21.4:
– Removes halloween decorations
– Adds new higher resolution text font
– Supplies merchant screen now displays your potions and arrows count
– Characters arrows color now matches quiver outfit color
– Bug fixes

Download Rucoy Online – MMORPG – MMO – RPG Free .APK file by clicking on the download button above. Let other’s know if you liked the modded game by commenting.

Rucoy Online - MMORPG - MMO - RPG 1.21.4 screenshots 1Rucoy Online - MMORPG - MMO - RPG 1.21.4 screenshots 2

Version 1.21.4
App ID
Requires Android 4.1+
Totall install 5,000,000+
Votes 175872
Role Playing Role Playing

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